Exclusive Premiere: Hugo – Bread & Butter [Video]

Check out the premiere of the latest video from Hugo's 'Old Tyme Religion'  

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


We've got another CraveOnline exclusive for you today, courtesy of Roc Nation artist Hugo. His hotly anticipated debut album, Old Tyme Religion, was released on May 10th, featuring a fantastic interpretive cover of JAY-Z’s “99 Problems,” among a set of originals that make for a truly promising introduction to this New Yorker.


With the smash Jay-Z cover, this staple of the NYC underground music scene managed to make an alternative cover of a mainstream rap song and not make it sound gimmicky. Each of the songs on Old Tyme Religion has a different story to tell and a different mood to set. While the title track is a bluesy morality tale told from the POV of a murdered lover in a romantic triangle, "Bread & Butter," Hugo's "version of uncomplicated lust music," is both a sly send-up of machismo and an unabashed celebration of eros, wrapped in a party groove tailor-made for summertime all year long.


Now that you know the backstory, check out CraveOnline's exclusive premiere of Hugo's video for "Bread & Butter":

This Roc Nation gangster-rocker's latest release is available now! Download your copy on iTunes or order a physical CD from Hugo's official music store. If you're the musically cautious type, listen before you buy at Hugo's MySpace page.