Turntable.FM – Interactive Digital Radio Arrives

A new age of musical playlist throwdowns with your friends and strangers has begun...

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


I haven't gotten much done these past 48 hours. I'm not sick, and I could give a rat's ass about who's in the NBA finals. My latest, greatest distraction is a horrifically addictive beast of fun called Turntable.fm, a beta version of an online DJ party that allows users to cue up a playlist and play their favorite songs, taking turns with whoever may be in the room among the five open turntable spots.



At the moment you can only gain entry if you're Facebook friends with someone already inside, but the numbers are beginning to stack up. Users can search a rapidly expanding but already fantastically diverse database of tracks to add to their playlist, which will play independently if a user is alone in the room. If they're accompanied by another user who chooses to move from the "dancefloor" to behind the tables, their PC/Mac laptop icon will appear along with their chosen avatar and the DJs will alternate tracks. A chat feature is also available, and users can move an approval meter up or down by clicking the "Awesome" or "Lame" buttons, which generates user points.


Aside from enjoying various themed rooms and making new music frienemies, a peripheral goal within the service is to gain as many points as possible to improve one's avatar. Designs range from basic club kid to evil panda bear and, for the high rankers, a Daft Punk-esque helmet and a giant gorilla with a gold chain.


Turntable.fm is a project of Seth Goldstein and Billy Chasen, the guys who brought us Stickybits. As it stands, there are a limited number of users, and music bloggers are currently furiously staking out their own corner of the digital dancefloor universe, resulting in glorious musical battle royals. If the labels don't shut down the party, this could blow up very soon.