Exclusive: Watch Absolut ‘Cee-Lo Distilled’ Outtake Clips

Check out three exclusive clips from 'Cee-Lo Distilled,' an exciting & musically intimate short film from Absolut Vodka.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Last year, Absolut vodka and Jay-Z teamed up for a documentary called NY-Z that showcased a concert at Madison Square Garden and interviewed Hova about his love of his home city. We even premiered an exclusive clip from the film featuring an intimate moment with Jay – and we're about to do it again.

Man of many projects and soaring talent Cee-Lo Green has teamed with Absolut Vodka for a compelling and intimate short film entitled “Cee Lo Distilled,” a short two-part online production that takes a behind-the-scenes look at the life of the prolific artist. The film provides an intimate glimpse into Cee Lo's creative inspirations, as well as the Gnarls Barkley vocalist's thoughts on what it means to be truly exceptional in today's music world.

Check out the trailer for Cee-Lo Distilled, before we unveil a three-part CraveOnline exclusive:

Part 1 of Cee-Lo Distilled will launch on Monday, June 27. Part 2 will follow on July 6. Fans can experience all of this unique content exclusively on Absolut’s Facebook page! – Facebook.com/ABSOLUT

CraveOnline is proud to share three exclusive outtake clips from Cee-Lo Distilled, wherein the iconic singer opens up about life, his hometown and his first collaboration as an artist. In the first clip, Cee-Lo discusses his first collaboration, a track with rapper Common. The two hit it off initially upon finding an artistic common ground (no pun intended), and would work together a number of times in the following years.

The second clip features Mister Cee driving through Atlanta, discussing his beloved "Little Big City" and the trifecta territory of the area.

Clip 3 features Cee-Lo doing what he does best, onstage, rockin' a captivated audience with a live band before the cameras take us backstage for some behind-the-scenes post show footage.

"Victory in your mind and your heart on your sleeve. That's what's important."

For 10 days surrounding the film’s release, Cee-Lo will throw a curveball to fans as the Guest Editor of Facebook.com/ABSOLUT, interacting directly with his fans. Absolut has also created a Facebook app along the lines of “Forget You,” the ultimate break-up song – the app will send a custom video message direct from Cee Lo, commenting on friends’ Relationship Status updates (if you’ve currently updated as “In A Relationship,” you may prove an easy target!)

The collaboration with ABSOLUT and Cee-Lo builds on a longstanding history of iconic collaborations for the World’s Most Iconic Vodka – ranging from artists like Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst to Jay-Z and Spike Lee. Cee Lo Distilled delivers on ABSOLUT’s desire to provide the deeper stories for its consumers,  the exceptional experiences.