Eyehategod – ‘Eyehategod Live’

A crushing live DVD filmed over the past two years further confirms the onstage dominance of Eyehategod.

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson

To really understand the movement and experience that is Eyehategod, you have to see them live. There is nothing on planet Earth that is meaner, uglier and more honest in the rawest idea of the word. Everything is left on the stage, the band bleed their demons for the audience and we drink it up in order to rid ourselves of all the things that make us hate existence. Nothing can replace watching Eyehategod dominate the world live, but their new DVD is a close second.

Let me warn you, this isn’t Rush In Rio or Iron Maiden Live After Death. This is a live DVD Eyehategod style. Filmed in 2009 & 2010 in Cleveland and Baltimore, this three-camera shoot plays out in a dank, sweaty club, on a small stage before the people who live and breathe the music. Frontman Mike Williams screams, gurgles and bellows his pain over the impossibly heavy sounds created by guitarists Jimmy Bower and Brian Patton, bassist Gary Mader and drummer Joey LaCaze. The sound ranges from excellent to pure distortion, much like an actual live Eyehategod show.

I love that the band filmed everything, warts and all. When some dick in the crowd starts heckling them, we see it, Mike’s random comments about suicide and drugs, we get all of it. This is a DVD focused squarely at the fans and everybody else can pretty much go f**k themselves. Both shows feature Eyehategod at top form, which is cool. Most bands feel when they deliver a “punk” type live DVD it’s okay, even expected, that they suck. Instead Eyehategod plays like every single live show could be the last one they crank out before death claims them. If you’ve ever bore witness to their shows, then Eyehategod Live will be something you treasure. If you haven’t, this DVD will convince you that nothing short of murder will stop you from seeing them when they come back around.

The set list here is killer. While making sure to get in some tunes from Confederacy Of Ruined Lives and Southern Discomfort, most of the set comes from their trifecta masterpieces In The Name Of Suffering, Dopesick and Take As Needed For Pain. It’s safe to say the lion’s share of the band’s most powerful work is pooled into these two live performances.  Eyehategod get it, they understand the power of playing live and manage to translate that connection onto Eyehategod Live.

Bonus wise the band has seen to be awfully generous. There are three songs from a show in Vienna, “Shoplift”, “Run I Into The Ground” and “Shinobi”. Oddly enough the sound at this show is amazing while the video quality isn’t great. Fans also get the music videos for “Sister Fucker”, “Anxiety Hangover” and “Age Of Bootcamp”. Eyehategod Live is not only a must have for any fan; it can also be used as a blueprint for what bands should be doing when the play out because it doesn’t get much better than this band on stage. I don’t usually care for live DVDs but, as with everything they do, Eyehategod have made me a believer.