Watch Kanye’s 20 Minute Impromptu ‘Runaway’ Performance

An extended, passionate & personal live version of the MBDTF single ends with a keyboard freakout.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

While Kanye West has come to be known for his massively elaborate stage design and production quality, often times the best part of the superstar rapper's shows are the unscripted moments in which he improvises and builds on a mood, taking it to unexpected – and sometimes magical – places.

One such moment happened Aug. 23 in Krakow, Poland at the Coke Live Music Festival, when Ye – employing a similar stage setting and production to that of his remarkable Coachella performance – turned his self-assaulting My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy song "Runaway" into an impromptu 20 minute improv session.

If you’ve seen the long-form "Runaway" theatrical put together by Kanye and Hype Williams, you'll have a reference point for this elaborate performance, in which Kanye discusses sacrificing personal connection for the studio, hellbent on living down his stage-crashing douchebag persona.

Watch below, and note the closing gravity of the line “self-fulfilling prophecy” at the end of what sounds like a personal confessional, before Ye goes haywire on the sample keys at the end:

In other Kanye news, the rapper's excellent collaboration album with Jay-Z entitled Watch The Throne (read our review) has gone gold in its second week of release. We're looking forward to his performance at this year's Austin City Limits – see you there?


photo: Johnny Firecloud