Watch Pearl Jam on Fallon & Download a New Song!

On night one of their two-night stint on Jimmy Fallon, Pearl Jam played a brand new song - listen & download here!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

These boys sure know how to ramp up enthusiasm. After an unfathomably awesome 20th anniversary celebration weekend, Pearl Jam has taken to network TV to continue spreading the jam.

The band was expected to unveil a brand new song on Jimmy Fallon's show Thursday night, but they pulled a fast one on everyone and offered up a finished studio version of it up on their site just minutes before the show aired! It's called "Olé," and it's a bouncy little rocker that the South American crowds are going to absolutely love – check out the song:

Go grab your free download of "Olé" right now at!

Watch "Olé" from Jimmy Fallon:

Also have a gander at a song from Vedder and Jimmy Fallon on his late-night show Thursday night, about BP's asshole oil maneuverings. It's a cute little number called "Balls In Your Mouth" :

Watch the rest of the footage, including PJ20 director Cameron Crowe's interview, at The Audio Perv. Pearl Jam is on tour right now up in Canada – check out their dates on!