Jim Cuddy Releases Third Solo Album

Blue Rodeo frontman opens up about "Skyscraper Soul".

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

The lead singer of the iconic home-grown band Blue Rodeo, Jim Cuddy, will release his third solo studio album "Skyscraper Soul" today.

Despite Blue Rodeo's still-demanding schedule, Cuddy found time to record yet another solo project. "For me, it comes down to having the time to range out on my own," Cuddy said to Exclaim! recently in Toronto. "I help make up [Blue Rodeo]'s schedule, and I knew that we'd have downtime this fall so I'd be able to put out a solo album. I set aside two blocks of time last winter to make it, and for the writing, I'd come in every day at 10am and just work. I never want to be in a compromising position where I could be holding back a Blue Rodeo song for a solo album."

The Toronto native released his first album on his own all the way back in '98 and called it "All in Time," followed up by "The Light That Guides You Home" eight years later. All three albums were recorded with the Jim Cuddy Band, which includes musicians Bazil Donovan, Colin Cripps, Joel Anderson, Anne Lindsay, and Gavin Brown.

Cuddy drew inspiration for his third album from a myriad of sources, the main one being his hometown of Toronto. “As much as I've written about wide open spaces and all of the things that have moved me and the places I've been, so much of what I've done as a musician creatively has been put together creatively (in cities) and the energy source has been the city,” he said to Toronto.com. “So 'Skyscraper Soul' was just a nod towards Toronto. And it kind of guided me, because every time I try to get a little rural, which is more common for me, and write a song that might have a little fiddle in it, I'd start thinking about the trumpet and what the trumpet could do."