Music Release Guide: October 2011

Your comprehensive guide to this month's most important music releases.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


October is packed full of new music, and to help you stay on top of it all we've compiled a list of all the major releases you should keep on your radar between now and Halloween! This month's releases include the latest from Bjork, Jane's Addiction, Feist, Puscifer, awesome newcomers Dead Sara and many more.

No more wondering what's coming out when, or missing releases from promising new names that may have missed your radar – we've got all your monthly musical enlightenment, all in one place!


Feist – Metals

Release Date: Oct. 4

Label: Cherrytree/Interscope

What's the deal? Four years after her 2007 breakthrough The Reminder and its ubiquitous iPod jingle "1234" plastered her everywhere, and two years after she put a stop to it all to reclaim her artistic spirit, the Canadian singer-songwriter is gearing up to release her fifth album, Metals.

Why should you care?More confident, grounded and nakedly honest, Metals is a confirmation that Feist is more than the cute chanteuse you see in the commercials. Here, she makes a solid case for longevity. Have a taste, then listen to the entire thing before you buy at her official site (link below):

Link me: Feist's Official Site 


DJ Shadow – The Less You Know, The Better

Release Date: Oct. 4

Label: Verve

What's the deal? In the decade and a half since Josh Davis – aka DJ Shadow – set the Guinness World Record for the first fully-sampled album with his 1996 debut Entroducing, the revered spinner has become one of the most established names in the DJ world. His fourth album, The Less you Know, The Better (listen to the entire thing here) shrugs off the expectations and sacred standards of someone revered as an instrumental trip-hop god, breaking the silence with an impressively eclective collection aided by guest vocalists, including Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon, Posdnuos of De La Soul, Tom Vek and Talib Kweli.

Why should you care? A barrage of nineteen tracks makes The Less you Know, The Better a slow-boil builder of an album, breaking out of the box of the standard DJ model for an untethered taste of artistic growth that throws a middle finger to convention and adds exciting new colors to the palette. It's one of those records you can look forward to looking back on, remembering how the sounds slowly took hold and won you over. Check out "Scale It Back" featuring Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon:

Link me: DJ Shadow Official Site


Bjork – Biophilia

Release Date: Oct. 10

Label: One Little Indian

What's the deal? The eighth full-length studio album from Icelandic singer Björk is seeing a release at the same time each song is revealed as an “app” from Apple. Fans can hear the songs, explore their origins and, in some cases, remix the tune itself.

Why should you care? Because though she may be difficult and find a home among dissonant weirdness, Bjork always rewards the dedicated listener with a work of art that's both intensely cerebral and magically weird. Get your ears around "Crystalline," a fluttering, quirky tune with a holy god that's insane drum & bass finish:

Link me: Bjork Official Site


My Brightest Diamond – All Things Will Unwind

Release Date: Oct. 10

Label: Capitol

What's the deal? The brainchild creative project of singer–songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Shara Worden returns with a third, stunning offering. Accessible and intelligent, the 11-song collection is a promising continuance of the creative trajectory of a woman who's rubbed elbows (and recordings) with indie rock's most esteemed royalty.

Why should you care? Check out the operatic chamber pop of "Be Brave," from the new album, and decide for yourself:

Link me: My Brightest Diamond Official Site 

Ryan Adams, Jane's Addiction & many more on Page 2!


Ryan Adams – Ashes & Fire

Release Date: Oct. 11

Label: PAX AM/Capitol

What's the deal? Ryan Adams returns this October with Ashes & Fire, a collection of 11 acoustic tunes in years recorded straight to tape by legendary producer Glyn Johns.

Why should you care?It's Adams’ mellowest record to date, with guests ranging from Norah Jones to his own wife Mandy Moore and keyboardist Benmont Tench from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Listen to the entire thing below, courtesy of NPR:

Link me: Ryan Adams Official Site 



Dead Sara – Dead Sara

Release Date: Oct. 11

Label: None

What's the deal? A perfect segue between Jane's Addiction and Pearl Jam, the female-fronted Dead Sara is a blast of raw, passion-punch rock with just enough polish to stay out of the mud and just enough balls to kick some serious ass. Their debut album has astonishing promise, and their live show is a cathartic trip through an emotional rollercoaster – without a hint of emo.

Why should you care?We see a lot of names and hear a lot of sounds day in and day out, but Dead Sara is a rare gem among the gravel. See for yourself:

Link me: Dead Sara Official Site 


Jane's Addiction – The Great Escape Artist

Release Date: Oct. 18

Label: Capitol

What's the deal? Jane's is back, ready to rock and no longer distracted by their revolving door of bassists – it's not that they've found a permanent replacement, they've simply resigned themselves to working with stand-ins to keep the ball rolling.

Why should you care? The new sounds haven't been particularly thrilling, but we'll give the benefit of the doubt to a band who's had such a profound impact on music and holds, thus far, a pretty incredible track record of quality. Watch the video for "Irresistible Force":

Link me: Jane's Addiction Official Site 


Puscifer – Conditions Of My Parole

Release Date: Oct. 18

Label: Puscifer Entertainment

What's the deal? Tool/A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan returns to his "solo" project for a second full-length, recruiting members Mat Mitchell and Josh Eustis and newcomers Jeff Friedl and Matt McJunkins from Ashes Divide and the latest incarnation of APC, as well as L.A. songwriter Juliette Commagere, Bat for Lashes drummer Sarah Jones and, perhaps most excitingly, Jon Theodore, the former beatmaster for Mars Volta.

Why should you care?With a contributing lineup such as this, and Keenan's propensity for keeping things interesting at the very least, our curiosity is piqued. Check out the first single, "Man Overboard":

Link me: Puscifer Official Site

Coldplay, M83 & more on Page 3!

M83 – Hurry Up, We're Dreaming

Release Date: Oct. 18

Label: Mute

What's the deal? The twenty-two track double album from the French dreamy electronic act is already being met with hysterical acclaim, with nucleus Anthony Gonzalez having spent the better part of three years working on the grand, expansive double LP.

Why should you care? We're not entirely sure you should just yet, but early reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Listen to "Midnight City" to see if this chirping dancetronic overload is your cup of jitterbug:

Link me: M83 Official Site


Freestyle Fellowship – The Promise

Release Date: Oct. 18

Label: Decon

What's the deal? The hotly anticipated new album from the reunited LA underground crew consisting of Aceyalone, Myka 9, P.E.A.C.E, Self Jupiter and DJ Kiilu Grand. Features production from Black Milk, Exile and Eligh.

Why should you care? The collective power of the aforementioned names should be enough to get any true Hip-Hop fan out of their seat. Listen to the Eligh-produced "We Are" below:

Link me: Freestyle Fellowship Facebook 


Drake – Take Care

Release Date: Oct. 24

Label: Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Republic

What's the deal? The “Club Paradise” rapper and fashionable Canadian is back with his sophomore album, which sees him reuniting with longtime producer Noah “40″Shebib, who produced his So Far Gone mixtape and a good chunk of last year’s Billboard chart-topper Thank Me Later. He’s also spent time in the studio with The Xx’s Jamie Xx, TLC’s T-Boz and Chilli, DJ Premiere, and Q-Tip for the album, which has received enough hype to let us know that the music industry is still alive and up to its old tricks – aka putting all their weight behind selling the street-cred cool of a child actor christened for fame.

Why should you care? An industry-propped bag of mediocrity standing on the necks of far better MCs? What's not to care about?

Link me: Drake Official Site 


Coldplay – Mylo Xyloto

Release Date: Oct. 25

Label: Capitol

What's the deal? Gwyneth Paltrow's husband has left the house without his technicolor dreamcoat Viva La Vida jacket, and it's done him some good. the English pop-rockers return with their fifth studio album, dedicating themselves to creating a "flood of tears" – which translates to Grammys and sold-out stadiums worldwide, of course.

Why should you care? With production work by Markus Dravs (Arcade Fire, Bjork), Daniel Green and Rik Simpson (Jay-Z, Portishead), with “enoxification” and additional composition by Brian Eno (U2, David Bowie), there's no doubt a high-reaching ambition to Mylo that will ensure at least some gravity and quality. These guys are one of the biggest bands in the world, and reception to their two lead singles off their fifth album has been upbeat. If that's your kind of thing, have at it.

Link me: Coldplay Official Site