WTF?! MC Hammer Launches Google Rival ‘Wiredoo’

Can Hammer hurt Google? They're pretty legit too, y'know...

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


Please Hammer, don't hurt em! The 90s parachute-pants wearing "2 Legit 2 Quit" pop-rapper MC Hammer has announced plans to take on one of the biggest businesses in the world: Google.

Stanley Kirk Burrell, better known as Hammer, announced his new venture, to be called WireDoo, at O'Reilly Media's Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco on Oct. 19. His vision is to offer an internet search that extends “beyond just keywords.” Rather than "a competitive attempt to reinvent search," he says the new project will strive to deliver a way to "make it better."

If one were searching for homes, he said, one might be interested in the location and the local school system, as well as financing. He called it "relationship search" or "deep search." While the idea seems nice, let's not gloss the fact that Google has dominated the search engine business for over a decade. There is an inconceivably vast digital cemetery filled with the ghosts of aspiring competitors that failed. Microsoft is barely making an impact with their Google alternative Bing service.

Hammer's idea isn't exactly brand new. Many travel sites incorporate the same concept through full-package offerings and suggestions for destination amenities, though the concept is admittedly intriguing on a general search level. But is a faded goofy rapper from the 90s really the one to usher in the next generation of search engine? Stranger things have happened, I guess…

If you'd like to try out an early version of WireDoo, you can do so here (name/email address required). Testing hasn't been finished yet.