Metallica Planning 3D Movie

On the heels of their Lou Reed collab. album, the band seeks a director for their in-your-face 3D ambitions.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Nothing like an abomination of a collaboration album to get you motivated for the next project, eh? Thrash legends Metallica are planning to self-finance a 3D feature film, with Journey To The Center Of The Earth producer Charlotte Huggins on board to bring the kind of theatrical amazement we've come to expect from Brendan Fraser movies. Ha.

The band’s now looking for a director who can capture the sagging power of a Metallica-style feature, according to The A.V. Club. This would be the first major film made by the band members, though not their first appearance on the big screen. The band then starred in the ruinously emo Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, a chronicle of the band’s intensive counseling sessions in attempts to mend strained relationships.

The metal icons also lent their music toParadise Lost, the 1996 documentary on the West Memphis 3 that was directed by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky. The film helped further establish awareness and outrage over the highly controversial conviction & imprisonment of three Tennessee teens for a grisly murder nearly two decades old. No physical evidence was ever found, and prosecutors cited the defendants’ passion for Metallica's music (among others) as an indicator of guilt. 17 years after their conviction, the West Memphis Three trio were finally freed.

We'll keep you posted on developments of the project, but in the meantime fans can revel in the knowledge that someday soon we'll be able to see Metallica's ugly mugs in eye-popping 3D closeups. The mind reels…