The Black Keys Return With ‘Lonely Boy’ – Listen!

Listen to the kickass first track off the Keys' hotly anticipated, newly rock-driven album El Camino.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

The Black Keys recently announced the upcoming arrival of their new album El Camino, which is said to be much more rock-driven than their previous releases. Does that excite us? Oh yes. Even better is the fact that, as of today, we've got the official first single.

"Lonely Boy," which opens the new album, is accompanied below by a low-fi video featuring a man dancing awkwardly. That's all you see – there's not some grand cinematic scale to the video, and far as we can tell there's no deep underlying symbolism. It's just something to watch while getting acquainted with some brand new Black Keys sounds – who needs visuals with a point, when you've got a song this good?

El Camino will be out on December 6. You can preorder it here.

Check out the tracklist for the new album:

1. Lonely Boy

2. Dead and Gone

3. Gold on the Ceiling

4. Little Black Submarines

5. Money Maker

6. Run Right Back

7. Sister

8. Hell of a Season

9. Stop Stop

10. Nova Baby

11. Mind Eraser