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Pick up the DVD of Pearl Jam's remarkable new documentary, and the rarities-packed soundtrack!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

For longtime diehard Pearl Jam fans, watching Pearl Jam Twenty is a bit like taking a tour of their own hearts. Chronicling the years leading up to the band's formation, their rocket-rise megastardom, the tribulations of their middle years and resulting doubling down of perseverance to become one of the greatest modern-classic rock bands of our time, the film is a marvelously executed documentation carved from over 1,200 hours of rarely-seen and never-before seen footage. 

The Pearl Jam Twenty film was just released on DVD (pick it up at PJ20.com), but today that's just not good enough for CraveOnline. No, we've decided to kick things up a notch by not only bringing you the film for free, but also including the remarkable double-disc, rarities-packed Pearl Jam Twenty Soundtrack album in a PJ20 Prize Pack!

Pearl Jam Twenty is the definitive portrait of Pearl Jam: part concert film, part intimate chronicling of cornerstone band moments. Now, we're giving it to you. 

To enter our Album and DVD pack giveaway just follow @CraveMusic on Twitter, and shoot us a message with the hashtag #PJ20. Could it get any easier? Only if we were standing on the corner handing them out… but then you'd have to actually walk to the corner for it. Trust us, this is the best way to go.

Pearl Jam Twenty trailer:

Cameron Crowe, who directed the PJ20 documentary that explores the narrative behind the band's perseverence throughout their two-decade career, also acted as a curator to this remarkable set of recordings. It's the perfect soundtrack to a film twenty years in the making.

Disc 1 – From the Film PJ20

  1. Release – Verona, Italy (9/16/06)
  2. Alive – Seattle, WA (12/22/90)
  3. Garden – Zurich, Switzerland (2/19/92)
  4. Why Go – Hamburg, Germany (3/10/92)
  5. Black – MTV Unplugged, NYC (3/16/92)
  6. Blood – Auckland, New Zealand (3/25/95)
  7. Last Exit – Taipei, Taiwan (2/24/95)
  8. Not For You – Manila, Philippines (2/26/95)
  9. Do The Evolution – Monkeywrench Radio, Seattle, WA (1/31/98)
  10. Thumbing My Way – Chop Suey, Seattle, WA (9/6/02)
  11. Crown of Thorns – Las Vegas, NV (10/22/00)
  12. Let Me Sleep – Verona, Italy (9/16/06)
  13. Walk With Me (with Neil Young) – Bridge School Benefit (10/23/10)
  14. Just Breathe – SNL, New York (3/13/10)

Disc 2 – Rarities and Inspiration:

  1. Say Hello 2 Heaven – Temple of the Dog Demo, 1990
  2. Times of Trouble – Demo, 1990
  3. Acoustic #1 – Demo 1991
  4. It Ain’t Like That – Demo 1990
  5. Need to Know – Demo, 2007
  6. Be Like Wind – McCready Score 2010
  7. Given To Fly – McCready Instrumental 2010
  8. Nothing As It Seems – Demo 1999
  9. Nothing As It Seems – Seattle, WA (10/22/01)
  10. Indifference – Bologna, Italy (9/14/06)
  11. Of The Girl – Instrumental 2000
  12. Faithfull – Pistoia, Italy (9/20/06) (Soundcheck)
  13. Bu$hleaguer – Nassau, NY (4/30/03)
  14. Betterman – New York City (5/21/10)
  15. Rearview Mirror – Universal City, CA (10/1/09)

For more info head to www.pj20.com

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