Del the Funky Homosapien Confirms ‘Deltron Event II’ & Free Mixtapes

Some very exciting news on the Del front, with the sequel to his Dan The Automator project Deltron 3030 now complete.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


We were exhilarated to catch Del The Funky Homosapien at Fun Fun Fun Fest last year, and have been jonesin' hard for something new from the Hieroglyphics cornerstone. News has finally arrived of not only two new mixtapes from the psychedelically inspired MC, but the long-awaited arrival of Deltron Event II with Dan The Automator.

In a lengthy YouTube video uploaded on Jan. 19th, Del shared the news that Deltron Event II is indeed complete – and if the nucleus of the project is to be believed, we've got good reason to be excited: "I'm on some futuristic shit, but I still fool with the samples. I just want everyone to know, I've got great music coming. I've been on my job."

Indicating a wide variety of sound on the way, Del promises that fans will have quite a bit to dig into in the near future. "It's gonna be lovely. I thought I was doing a little too much for a minute.. I wanted it to be more, to have more, I wanted it to be more chunky. But at the same time I had to remember it's not a book or a novel, it's music. Say what you're gonna say, then say it."

As for what Dan The Automator brings to the production: "I definitely aint got nothin' to say on what he doing. It's tight. It just flows, real smooth."

This is very welcome news for fans of the Deltron 3030 rapper, who have seen Del cancel two consecutive tours recently due to health and family issues. His medical problems included a collapsed lung, and his brother was tragically hit by a car and killed late last year, which set the rhymeslinger back considerably.

In the video (watch below), Del also thanks his fans for giving him the forum to live his dreams and share his thoughts. "Lets me know that I'm not the only one out there that thinks some of these things," he explained.

Del's got some high promise for what's coming, and addressed the current polarizing nature of dubstep in the music industry as well. "I'm on some other shit, I'm on some future shit. I'm not necessarily saying dubstep either, cause that's what everybody wanna do." He complimented the genre for being "hard" and "noisy," comparing the rising backlash to the genre fad to the resistance to Hip-Hop when it first arrived.

Two free mixtapes are on the way in the interim – the first one is "all P-Funk – it's tribute." The second is "all Fela Kuti" – which, to say the least, should be fascinating as all hell, with the rapper spitting verse over the late Afrobeat pioneer's instrumentalism.