Angry Adele’s Brits Speech Interrupted – Video

'Someone Like You' singer waves the one-fingered salute to the show.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

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Last nights (February 21) Brit Awards was a familiarly beige affair, with Ed Sheeran scooping awards so much so that at one point I checked my TV remote to see whether the rewind and fast forward buttons were malfunctioning. However, in the last 10 minutes it seemed to pack in all of the controversy that a live awards show promises, with Best British Album winner Adele flipping off the shows organisers and Blur performing an excruciatingly poor closing set.

The moment came when host James Corden, looking every bit like he was in the middle of ruining his career, apologetically informed Adele during her acceptance speech for Best British album that he was going to have to interrupt her. An embarrassed Adele responded by telling everyone in attendance "I'll see you next time round, yeah?" before flipping the bird.

Unfortunately the night didn't end there, as Blur took to the stage to perform their much-anticipated set in honour of winning the Outstanding Contribution to Music award. Blur, who have a back catalogue of songs so wide and diverse that they could cater their setlist to accomodate almost any crowd, decided they'd open their set with 'Girls 'n' Boys', an anthem to 90s student holidays to Benidorm. It felt like I was watching Damon Albarn go through his mid-life crisis live on stage. 

While I understand that a greatest hits set might have seemed the most reasonable option to them, Blur really should have second guessed themselves before thinking that the UK wants to see a 43-year-old man singing about boys doin' girls and girls doin' boys and boys doin' girls like they're boys.

Still, This Is A Low reminded us that Blur are one of the greatest bands Britain has birthed; y'know, when they're not bopping around like an alcoholic uncle at a wedding.

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