Blur Will Unveil ‘Hymn’ At Olympic 2012 Show

Bassist Alex James say that the new track will be a "tear-jerker".

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

In an interview on last nights' episode of Top Gear, Blur bassist Alex James revealed that the band would be unveiling a brand new track during the Olympic Closing Ceremony Celebration Concert, which he described as "like a hymn, a real tear-jerker". This should mean that this will give that gospel choir the band keep with them for performances of Tender something else to do besides standing in the dressing room twiddling their thumbs for 60 minutes of each gig.

The Olympic Closing Ceremony will take place at Hyde Park, where the Essex band performed three of their reunion shows back in 2009. The show will also feature performances from the likes of The Specials and New Order.

Alex James also spoke about the set Blur played upon accepting their Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution To Music: "It was utterly magnificent to get back together and smash those songs out again", he said, with "smashing out" a pretty succinct way of describing Albarn caterwauling his way through 'Song 2'.

Blur unveiled new track 'Under The Westway' in a pre-Brits performance for the charity Warchild, with their performance viewable here. The possibility of new material is likely, with producer William Orbit recently informing fans on Twitter that he was working with the band on new material. However, the question of whether or not they will develop a new album is still up for debate.

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