Tenacious D Return With Star-Stuffed ‘To Be The Best’ Video

Is this the best Tenacious D song ever written?!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

The D are officially back. Jack Black and Kyle Gass are set to release The Rize of the Fenix on May 15th, and it's the first album from Tenacious D in six long years. After the ugly failure of The Pick of Destiny, the boys have something to prove on the road back – and they've enlisted a few familiar friends to smooth out the journey.

Check out the new short film/music video "To Be The Best," presented as a segment of the tabloid leech show "Extra" documenting the rise, fall and resurrection of the rock comedy duo. Keep an eye out for Tim Robbins, Josh Groban, Val Kilmer Jimmy Kimmel and particularly Dave Grohl, who drums on their new album. But who takes a bullet for Jack? Watch and see…

Well played, boys.

The band will also be hitting the road on a 16-date U.S. tour to support the album, starting in June. Keep an eye to the ground and your ear out for trouble. Ha. Or just check out their official site.