Top 5 Most Blatant Pop Songs

[VIDEO]  Those songs that you play when you want to get the point across.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

My Darkest Days just released their sophmore album Sick and Twisted Affair.  One of the songs we just listened to was "Casual Sex".  It's pretty much about what you think it's about.  So… this got us thinking, what are some of our favorite songs that straight-up blatently tell you exactly what they want to talk about.  No beating around the bush here!  Oh, that could be the title of a song.  Dirty… Ok, anyway, here's our Top 5!

(FYI: These songs are a bit racy… Just a word of warning.  Enjoy!)


5.  Prince – "Darling Nikki"

Even though Prince has a way with words and loves to paint a picture, he pretty much went straight for the kill on this one.


4. Snoop Dogg – "Ain't No Fun(if the homies can't have none)"

Oh Snoopy, I expect nothing less.  Shout out to 1993!


3. Enrique Iglesias – "Tonight (I'm F*ckin' You!)"

Ok, so I wouldn't put good ol' Enrique at the top of my cool list, but you gotta give him some credit for this gem.


2. Buckcherry – "Crazy Bitch"

Ahh, I remember shoutin' out this song at the top of my lungs with the windows down as I cruised the hot and sexy streets of Wichita, KS.  Sorry mom… Oh, and on a side note, why the hell do I never see cops that look like that chick?  Come on LA, step it up…


1. Bloodhound Gang – "The Bad Touch"

Hands down, my favorite dirty song to sing when I was a kid.  Play that nasty music!


Now that you've brushed up on some of the best "straight-to-the-point" songs from my past, be sure to check out My Darkest Days' new song "Casual Sex" from their newest album, Sick and Twisted Affair!


Take a look at the full album, Sick and Twisted Affair, at My Darkest Days' Official Web site.