Video Premiere: The Ex-Senators ‘Start a Fight’

Check out the kickass new song/video from The Ex-Senators, exclusively premiered on CraveOnline!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

CraveOnline is proud to present the brand new single and video from The Ex-Senators, called “Start a Fight”! 

The hook-heavy, wisecrackin' punk-edged Chicago rockers worked enlisted producer Chris Steinmetz (Alice in Chains, Paramore, Kanye) and the legendary Bob Ludwig (Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix) to master their forthcoming self-titled debut album which, if "Start a Fight" is any indication, is going to be a rip-roaring ride through high-energy rock's deepest colors.

Check out the CraveOnline premiere of The Ex-Senators' new jam "Start a Fight" below!

Dmac [Vocals, Guitar, Keys], Van [Guitar], Phabulous G.J. [Guitar], Clyde Davis [Drums], and Bryan Doherty [Bass]—have each respectively been around the block working with the likes of Janet Jackson, David Bowie George Clinton, Sting, Mary J. Blige, and countless others. Having paid their dues on the road and in the studio with other acts, the collective members are now setting their sights on doing things their own way.

"We bust each other's balls, but everybody in the band has chops and a career," exclaims Dmac. "We've all been in the music business with various deals and already played all those games, and that's why the name of the band fits so well. Collectively we’re in a place where we don't really care what anyone thinks of us. The music stands on its own, and has groove, finesse, bombast, and fangs. We're doing what comes naturally.”

As for the awesome animated video, Dmac explains the band's motivation: "The concept for the video was all this political bullshit meets The Ramones Spiderman."

He continues: "Start A Fight is an expression of exasperation and I wanted to bring it to life in a way that would get people to think about the absurdity of what is being presented to them every minute of every day.  We've become immune to lies and bile in our faces because its constant. Its happening everywhere not just in the US. One of the great things about the internet is being able to follow whats happening around the world, and you see it everywhere from London to Tehran, from Paris to Moscow. Hyperbole and stupidity rule.

When I wrote "Start A Fight" and a few other songs on the album.. I was fed up  (and still am)… with the non stop stream of blathering idiots, pundits and politicos in every media outlet of the 24 hour news churn spewing one hyperbolic hate filled fear mongering "bon mot" after another. It's on both sides of the political spectrum, but while the left is comical, the right has become downright freaky and dangerous.Thats not meant as hyperbole. I mean really dangerous and no one is paying attention. Does anyone read history any more… as in the Joe McCarthy era in the US, or  what happened to the unions in the UK under Thatcher?  Does anyone check the details behind what's being said today or is it all face value because no one has time because they're too busy surfing the web instead of using it to figure out if their about to lose their own rights?  

 Fear and hatred are great tools for controlling people and making them focus on something other than what's going on behind the curtain.  I wrote "Start A Fight" in November of 2010, and in January of 2011 it took on a whole new meaning for me personally with the attack on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.  I had been accumulating different samples of public speeches from these morons and had one of Glenn Beck talking about shooting your political opponents " in the head" and Sarah Palin's "reload" comments and advertising run with crosshairs over the various representatives areas that needed to be "taught a lesson".  So the shooting was a wake up call. and it seemed like people woke up for five minutes and then zzzzzz.    Then on top of that, the tea party frenzy in the states, words like "fascist", "socialist", and "progressive" being said in context that first didn't understand the actual meaning of the words and second gave them power simply by being used repetitively over a few days of a news cycle until they are ground into the national dimwit subconscious.  

I think the answer really is, I don't know how to not make music or video or any artistic statement that doesn't have some meaning to me and hopefully to other people at some deeper level. Not that I can't write "Baby, baby baby oooh" – but then I'd want to vomit."

The band's self-titled debut album is out on 8/7/12 – while you wait, keep up with the band on Facebook and their official site!