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Listen: Stream Garbage’s New Album ‘Not Your Kind of People’

The band is releasing their first album in almost a decade on their own imprint - listen now a week before release!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


Garbage is set to release their new album Not Your Kind Of People, their first in seven years, on their own imprint Stunvolume on May 14. But now, a week ahead of time, you can get your ears around the glory.

Head over to Spin to hear an advance preview of the album a week before its official release. Recorded in Atwater Village in Los Angeles, the band are self-releasing the album on their own imprint: "We really didn't like the way our career was handled by our record label," said frontwoman Shirley Manson. "We thought 'We're not going to deal with jackasses anymore, we're not going to allow outside forces to strip what we love to do'. So we didn't. We did not want to allow tasteless people to curate our career."

When asked if the return of Garbage felt part of the 1990s revival, she said: "Well, what's strange is that we've never fit in with any scene, we were always outsiders. We never fit into any movement, we were never a hipster band and we were never an 'electronic' band. So I don't feel part of these islands of revival."

As recent performance attendance indicates, there is a world of fans out there eagerly awaiting new sounds from the outfit, and little concern that the band will fall into the perilous self-caricature traps of a great many of their nineties contemporaries. 

Pre-order Not Your Kind of People, check out tour dates and find out more at the official Garbage website!