Video: Bloc Party Debut 7 New Songs

Check out video of brand new songs debuted Tuesday in Glasgow.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

At Bloc Party's comeback show in Glasgow on Tuesday, the band showcased an assortment of new material from their forthcoming album 'Four'. 

After a small rehearsal show at London's HMV Forum for friends and family, Bloc Party stepped in front of an authentic audience for the first time in over three years and featured a set with a whopping seven new songs – many of which were quite promising.

"It's been a long time, this has been the most beautiful day I've ever experienced in Glasgow," said lead singer Kele Okereke, shortly after the band opened their set with two new songs, titled '3×3' and 'So He Begins To Lie'.

Kele was eager to clarify that "Team A" is definitely "not called 'The A Team'".

"This has been the best possible start," said Kele as he grinned from ear to ear after a storming 'Like Eating Glass'. The band ended their set with 'Flux', before joining together to take a bow and salute the elated crowd. 

Bloc Party setlist:


'So He Begins To Lie'


'Hunting For Witches'

'Real Talk'


'Song For Clay (Disappear Here)'


'Day Four'

'Team A'

'One More Chance'

'This Modern Love'




'Like Eating Glass'