Listen: Matt and Kim’s New Single “Let’s Go”

Listen to the return of Matt and Kim... and try not to feel like you're shopping at Old Navy.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Matt and Kim have been difficult to stay away from over the past year and change. They seemed a permanent fixture on the festival circuit last Summer with their third full-length, Sidewalks, and with the release of Let’s Go, the first track off their new album Lightning, the promise of another round on the carousel has arrived.

In January of 2012, Matt and Kim disappeared into their home studio where they’ve been hard at work capturing the music for Lightning and building a new stage show.

“We spent the winter here in NY locked in our place on Grand Street,” said Matt Johnson of Matt and Kim. “When not watching Game of Thrones or Downton Abbey, we were self-producing and recording our new album Lightning. We are SO proud of each and every one of these songs that we are going to roll out a few of them over the course of the summer. So here it is, the first song from Lightning, titled “Let’s Go”.  Just for us, put this on your iPod, get in the car, roll your windows down, and turn your stereo up!”

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