Exclusive Premiere: Block McCloud & DJ Waxwork “Hallucination” Video

A psycho carnival at a real-life abandoned mental hospital sets the mood for the Four Walls track.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

CraveOnline is proud to present the new Block McCloud and DJ Waxwork video for the song “Hallucination,” from his upcoming album Four Walls. The flowmaster, who you'll recognize from his work with Army Of The Pharoahs and Brooklyn Academy, is gearing up to drop his new solo effort, produced entirely by DJ Waxwork (formerly of The Snowgoons), a concept album about a crazy man who believes he is being persecuted by conspiracy forces and runs a demented psycho carnival.

It's only fitting, then, that the video for "Hallucination" was mostly filmed in the abandoned Seaview Mental Hospital in Staten Island (which you'll recognize from the documentary film Cropsey). Reflecting the dark lyrical imagery and soundscapes on Four Walls, the infamous home of death and dementia was the perfect backdrop for the new clip.

Check it out below, exclusively premiered on CraveOnline:

"Its funny how people fear what they do not understand, and governments fear those who understand too much. I wonder sometimes if in fact, im the only one who is sane and everyone else is f%ckin' crazy.. All I know is there is a real threat to our freedoms, our civil liberties, our most basic right to speak freely and pursue happiness, some might say I'm hallucinating when I see these rights being slowly but methodically denied us as American Citizens (he laughs nervously)… am i nuts?? You tell me?"  – Block Mccloud

Having paid his dues in the underground, Block has a long and impressive history in music including as a member of Brooklyn Academy (incl. Jean Grae, Pumpkinhead) in the 90’s appearing on The Lyricist Lounge first album. He is also now a full member of Army Of The Pharoahs (Jedi Mind Tricks, Esoteric, Apathy, Celph Titled, etc).   The album includes collabos with Vinnie Paz, Thirstin Howl, Ill Bill, Diabolic, Reef The Lost Cauze, King Magnetic, Jus Allah, Gen Steele, R.A., Celph Titled, Sean Price and more.

Block has also had a very successful career singing hooks for artists such as Method Man, Canibus, Sean Price, Vinnie Paz and many more. Now entirely on his own terms, McCloud approaches the concept behind Four Walls with a deadly seriousness: “I consider it almost a soundtrack album, all of the music and my lyrics revolve around the central character," he explains of the album's narrative. "He’s a crazy guy who runs a killer carnival and who believes that he was captured and experimented on because he knows too much about the true order of the world.  I guess you can say loosely I’m the crazy guy” he says only half-laughing.  

“I feel like you can go insane trying to untangle the threads of what our government and whatever world power, illuminati or however you view it’s web of deceit.  I do believe that the Government is slowly and surely taking away our freedom and that if I keep speaking about it, who knows who I may tick off.”  

Four Walls arrives on August 14 from Disturbia Music Group. Preorder the album and keep up with Block McCloud on Facebook and the Disturbia Music Group site