Lonely Island Aims To Keep Making Music Videos On Saturday Night Live

Akiva Schaffer of the hilarious musical comedy trio shares the group's ambitions to continue on SNL.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

When Andy Samberg announced his departure from “Saturday Night Live,” he was the last of the Lonely Island trio to go. Now we’re eagerly awaiting a new album from Lonely Island. We spoke to L.I. member Akiva Schaffer over the weekend as well, at a press junked for the movie The Watch (which he directed), but now has his sights on more Lonely Island music, with an interesting twist.

“My dream for how it would work is those guys are free, we make another record and then when we start making videos for it, we send them over to Lorne [Michaels] and that he wants to air them,” Shaffer said. “Because people know them from the show, we still love the show and if they’re good, why not? Why wouldn’t he? Hopefully he wants to but the ball would be in his court at that point if he wants to.”

When they were on “SNL,” they had to produce a short ever week. Now a new album would start with the record label, so potentially the label could decide which singles get videos. Shaffer is not worried about that.

“The record label has always given us [freedom] because we’ve come in as such an already self-contained unit. Some of those music videos the record label paid for, some ‘SNL’ paid for, they chipped in on some of them. Nothing has been by the books on this one. It’s not a normal thing so we always listen to their opinion, but they don’t pressure us. If we’re like, ‘No, we’re doing this one’ they’re like, ‘Okay, do whatever.’ A lot of times I try to trust them to actually listen to the record and go, ‘That’s the one I want to hear.’ The first album, when the head of our label heard it, he heard ‘Jizz in my Pants’ and went, ‘You’ve got to do this one!’ And that was our first video we did off it and it went really well. I don’t worry about them pushing us to the wrong singles.”

Now Samberg is free, Jorma Taccone is free, and Shaffer himself is available to focus on music. “I’m going to be free for the first time, because I’ve been doing this for over a year now and it comes out Friday. That’ll be that so all of a sudden I’ll be free. Those guys, hopefully our schedules are lining up and we might actually be able to make another album and make more videos.”

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