‘Fringe’ Executive Producers on Fourth Season Renewal

Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman react to the early pickup from Fox and tease the third season finale.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

'Fringe' Executive Producers on Fourth Season Renewal

Last week, Fox gave fans of "Fringe" a reason to celebrate by officially renewing the show for a fourth season months in advance of the fall schedule upfronts. The timing of the announcement caught some by surprise, the creative team behind the show was not.

"We might be foolish but no, we were not surprised," said "Fringe" executive producers Jeff Pinkner while speaking to The Hollywood Reporter. "Fox has been supportive throughout this process, from the beginning and certainly this season, wall-to-wall. They told us they were thrilled with the show creatively, the number wasn’t exactly what they would’ve hoped for but they know the audience is deep and loyal and returns, and that’s valuable to them."

"The critics have been so supportive and they were up front when they were moving us to Friday night that it wasn’t one step closer to the door," continued Pinkner. "It was actually a, ‘Hey, if the audience follows us to Friday night, we’re in great shape.’ And the audience did. We started to hear word back and forth between Fox and Warner Bros. What would the show look like next year over the past couple of weeks? So when a literal call came in yesterday, we were thrilled, but not necessarily surprised."

And while Pinkner and his fellow executive producer J.H. Wyman were mum about what will happen next season on "Fringe," Wyman did offer a tease of what’s to come in the third season finale.

"We’ve tried to have a new chapter begin at the end of the seasons," stated Wyman. "The first season was the Twin Towers and the second season was Olivia over there. This one will have the same effect that, sort of the beginning of a new understanding of the program."

The third season of "Fringe" will resume with new episodes on Friday, April 15.


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