C2E2: ‘Welcome To The X-Men’ Panel Report

Marvel reveals their upcoming plans for the X-Men books, including The Dark Angel Saga.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

C2E2: 'Welcome To The X-Men' Panel Report

For the last few weeks, Marvel has been teasing "The Dark Angel Saga" and X-Force’s upcoming trip to the Age of Apocalypse timeline. And as it turns out, it’s all part of a larger Uncanny X-Force storyline by writer Rick Remender.
At the "Welcome To The X-Men" panel at this year’s C2E2, it was revealed that Archangel’s Death persona returns with a vengeance, overwhelming his Angel personality and forcing his X-Force teammates to venture to the Age of Apocalypse in the hopes of finding a cure for his condition. "The Dark Angel Saga" will kick off an eight part storyline in Uncanny X-Force #10. Artist Mark Brooks will draw the first three issues of the story, with Jerome Opeña taking the final five issues of Remender’s first major arc on the title.
The panelists for this event were X-Men Legacy artist Clay Mann, Marvel Editor Daniel Ketchum and Talent Coordinator, C.B. Cebulski. For the most part, the guests remained tight lipped about upcoming storylines, but they did indicate that the current "Age of X" story in X-Men Legacy (which Mann is drawing) will have repercussions for Rogue, Magneto and other cast members after the arc concludes.  

Writer Christopher Yost will be coming on to the adjective-less X-Men title for an arc titled "X-Men First To Last," which teams up the current generation of X-Men with the five original members who travel in time to the present. Both teams will take on a new villain. Ketchum also indicated that "[‘X-Men First To Last’ is] our way of acknowledging the [‘X-Men First Class’ film]," which will be out around the same time.
While the panelists indicated that characters like Nightcrawler and Jean Grey would remain dead for the foreseeable future, Ketchum did tease that "You’ll see Sabertooth in 2011."

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