Syfy Picks Up Second Season of ‘Being Human’

The Vampire, the Ghost and the Werewolf will be back for another year of fangs and angst.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Syfy Picks Up Second Season of 'Being Human'

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost get a show on a cable network and then two months later they have a relatively quick pick up for an additional season.
It’s true. Deadline  is reporting that "Being Human" has been renewed by Syfy after averaging 1.8 million viewers per episode in its season to date. Unsurprisingly, the series is reportedly very popular among female viewers and it is supposedly the "most female skewing show" that Syfy has ever had.
“’Being Human’ has proven to be a winner for Syfy on all fronts,” exclaimed Mark Stern, Syfy’s president of original content. “Using the original format as inspiration, showrunners/writers Jeremy Carver and Anna Fricke – along with a superlative team of writers, cast, and production – have created an amazing, compelling series in its own right. We can’t wait to watch Aidan, Josh and Sally continue their struggle to be human in the second season!”
Originally created for the BBC by Toby Whithouse (and with the third season currently airing on BBC America), "Being Human" follows a vampire named Aiden (Sam Witwer) and a reluctant werewolf named Josh (Sam Huntington) who decide to live together to battle their respective curses before discovering Sally (Meaghan Rath), a recently deceased ghost who is haunting their new home. Mark Pellegrino ("Lost") co-stars as Adian’s estranged mentor, Bishop.
The first season of "Being Human" was 13 episodes, so presumably the second season will maintain that number as well.
New episodes of "Being Human" air Mondays on Syfy, with the first season finale scheduled for April 11.

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