Laura Vandervoort on The ‘V’ Season 2 Finale

The actress behind Lisa speaks out on the latest plot twists and what may come in season 3.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Laura Vandervoort on The 'V' Season 2 Finale

Last night’s season finale of "V" brought about a significant change for Lisa, the daughter of the Visitor high commander Anna (Morena Baccarin). And Laura Vandervoort hasn’t been shy about addressing what they may mean for her character and her role on the series going forward.

Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD for the finale!


In the episode, Lisa was exposed as a traitor and imprisoned by her mother. Additionally, a new Visitor queen was created using Lisa’s form as its template and the new evil Lisa promptly mated with Tyler (Logan Huffman) and then killed him.

"[It’s an actor’s] dream come true," Vandervoort told TVLine. "There’s that one particular sequence where Lisa is forced to watch ‘Lisa 2.0’ slaughter Tyler, which was just horrifying for her. I was excited about how that could come across, cutting back and forth between the two characters."

Vandervoort also reported that she asked the writers about Lisa’s survival now that Anna has a replacement daughter.

"I wanted to know if they were going to kill off the original Lisa next season and just keep bad Lisa, because I was having so much fun playing [the original]," related Vandervoort. "And I wanted to know, How different do you want her to be? How similar to Anna do you want her to be? How far can I go with how evil she is? I was just so excited to have a chance to play two characters."

As Lisa 2.0’s actions indicate, she may be an even greater threat than her mother.

"She’s pure, newborn lizard-flesh evil," exclaimed Vandervoort. "She hasn’t had a chance to develop emotions, so she’s possibly more evil than Anna. Who knows, maybe Lisa 2.0 can become even more dominant than Anna, Lisa and Diana all together? Maybe she’ll be the one to take the throne?"

"She’s exactly what Anna’s been wanting the original Lisa to be," continued Vandervoort. "She’s really her foot solider. But what’d be great is if 2.0 decides she has had enough and she wants to rule!"

Vandervoort added, "If we get a third season, there’s so much I can do and so many storylines we can get from it."

While there is currently no word on whether "V" will return for another season, Vandervoort voiced her optimism for it.

"We’re all excited," said Vandervoort. "But if we have [a third season], I’m definitely looking forward to doing more than I had in the past with Lisa. If we do continue, it should be a lot of fun."