Sucker Punch Gets Animated

A new short film that ties into the Zack Snyder epic.

Cal Kempby Cal Kemp

Sucker Punch Gets Animated

With just over a week to go before Zack Snyder’s fanboy epic hits movie theater screens, Warner Bros. has just released a brand-new tie-in short film entitled “The Trenches”. Set in the hyper-paced world of Sucker Punch, the film focuses on the WWI-era battlefield envisioned by the lead character, Baby Doll (Emily Browning). 

The animation arrives from Ben Hibon, best known as the Animation Director on the Deathly Hallows sequence in the most recent Harry Potter film.  His style definitely lends itself to the bigger-than-life tone of Snyder’s world-within-a-world, but it’s a shame that the short isn’t a whole lot longer. Sucker Punch is the perfect property for an Animatrix-style tie-in DVD and we’d love to see a whole lot of shorts from different directors offering their own takes.

Actually, EVERY film should have an Animatrix-style tie-in DVD. With any luck, we’ll be premiering six different tales inspired by the world of The Lincoln Lawyer later today.