Gore Verbinski Brings ‘The Brink’ To Starz

The cable network teams up with the 'Pirates of The Caribbean' director for a new supernatural drama.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Gore Verbinski Brings 'The Brink' To Starz

Although Gore Verbinski currently has a hit at the box office with the Johnny Depp led animated film "Rango," he’s got his eyes set on a new territory: television.

Deadline is reporting that Verbinski and screenwriter Stephen Susco ("The Grudge") are developing a supernatural crime drama for Starz called "The Brink."

"The Brink" is being adapted from "Personal Effects: Dark Art," an interactive adventure by J.C. Hutchins which features numerous online extensions of its mysteries and it has been described as mixture of "House," "CSI" and "The X-Files." The main storyline follows Zach Taylor, an art therapist who investigates a serial killer’s claims that he predicted the deaths of his victims but didn’t actually kill anyone.

Johnathan Krauss is also attached as an executive producer with Verbinski. 

As a director, Verbinski is best known for helming the first three "Pirates of the Caribbean" films, which became global box office sensations. Verbinski also directed "Mouse Hunt" "The Ring," "The Mexican" and "The Weather Man."

Verbinski also has another TV series in development at Fox called "Magical Law." That project reteams Verbinski with "Pirates" screenwriter Terry Rossio and it takes place in a world in which the supernatural openly exists. It also focuses on the men and women who investigate otherworldly crimes in the courtrooms and on the streets.

If either project goes forward, there’s a strong chance that Verbinski will direct the pilot episode.

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