Plot Details Emerge from Del Toro’s ‘Pacific Rim’

Robots! Monsters! Fight!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Plot Details Emerge from Del Toro's 'Pacific Rim'

After the dust settled and Guillermo Del Toro officially abandoned At the Mountains of Madness to direct Pacific Rim, one question remained: What the hell is Pacific Rim? Aside from a general understanding that giant monsters were involved, nobody seemed to know for sure… until NewsInFilm came out with their report on the screenplay. If their findings are true, then it certainly takes the sting off of the transition, because Pacific Rim sounds badass.

Some SPOILERS ahead, but according to NewsInFilm nothing past the first act of the movie (i.e. stuff that would be in the trailer anyway):

The script by Travis Beachem (Clash of the Titans) reportedly takes place several decades into the future, after a kaiju (that’s Japanese for giant monster, a la Godzilla) emerges from the Pacific Rim to attack Osaku, Japan. Since then kaiju have repeatedly emerged from ‘The Anteverse’ – another dimension on the other side of a portal located under the waves of the Pacific Rim – which have terrorized major cities all over the world. Humanity finally develops a means of fighting back through the ‘Jaeger’ program, which trains soldiers to utilize giant robots in order to fight off the invading menace. Like Voltron, the robots cannot be operated by just one person: they require a team of two to properly operate.

The hero – Raleigh Antrobus, 23 – must overcome the tragic death of his co-pilot/brother and join forces with a Japanese co-pilot, with whom a language barrier, and presumably other personality conflicts, creates considerable difficulty. Meanwhile, a journalist (and the former fiance of Raleigh’s brother) travels the globe to discover the truth behind the mysterious invasion. The film will reportedly feature many different species of kaiju, and various towering, epic fights between these monsters and giant robots. 

NewsInFilm has a lot more details up on their site, so go check it out.

So basically it’s a big budget film combining elements of Godzilla, Voltron and Neon Genesis Evangelion. And we’re 100% okay with that. It sounds awesome… if it’s true, of course. There has yet to be any official word from Guillermo Del Toro’s camp, so until we hear more we encourage our readers, as always, to keep grains of salt handy at all times. 

Crave Online will return with more Pacific Rim news as it emerges.