Marvel Reveals X-Men: Schism Event

Wolverine and Cyclops may tear the team apart during MMXI - The Year of The X-Men

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Marvel Reveals X-Men: Schism Event

For the last few years, the X-Men and even the larger mutant community have been united under the leadership of Cyclops. But that may be about to change.

During the final press conference for MMXI — The Year of The X-Men at, X-Men editor Nick Lowe announced X-Men: Schism, an upcoming event

The new teaser image seems to focus on Cyclops and Wolverine, with Cyclops’ visor seemingly sliced into three pieces by Wolverine’s claws and the caption "I will not let him divide us."

The previously announced X-Men Prelude miniseries written by Paul Jenkins will be renamed X-Men: Prelude to Schism and kick off the event in May, with four issues drawn by different artists that each follow one of the four most influential members of the team, Professor X, Cyclops, Wolverine and Magneto. Robert De La Torre will draw the first issue, with Laurence Campbell coming on for the second issue.

"When we started talking with Paul about doing something, it wasn’t what you’re about to see," explained Lowe. "Paul pulled something out of the air that tied in with what we were planning… What Paul is doing is for the fans. He’s digging into the four main X-Dudes: Xavier, Magneto, Cyclops and Wolverine and each of their point of views. It really focuses on Cyclops and how everyone sees him."

Marvel is currently remaining quiet about the details of the event, but it matches a report from Bleeding Cool last month that claimed that the X-Men were going to split into two factions: an Xavier inspired team led by Cyclops and a team led by Wolverine that runs closer to Magneto’s philosophy than Xavier’s.

The Bleeding Cool report also indicated that the two teams would be split into two different books, with Jason Aaron writing a four issue miniseries focusing on Wolverine’s team, with another miniseries focusing on Cyclops’ X-Men by a different creative team.


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