Bungie’s Next Is An Action MMO

... But it's not "WoW in Space."

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

Bungie's Next Is An Action MMO

It’s probably an understatement to say Bungie shocked the gaming world when they announced their team-up with Activision for their next title. Ever since that faithful day back in April of 2010 we’ve speculated what Bungie could be cooking up with heaps of money Activision is undoubtedly throwing at them. More specifically, how could Bungie ever top the Halo franchise? Hell, you can go to Walmart and buy Master Chief underoos for Christ’s sake.

Well, it seems like the next logical step for Bungie is to go the MMO route. Bungie’s network engineer David Alridge confirmed at GDC that Bungie’s next game will be a “massively multiplayer action game.”

Bungie has proven time and time again that they know how to handle online multiplayer; the Halo franchise has been one of the prime online multiplayer destinations for console gamers in recent memory. There’s no arguing that Bungie knows how to make an intuitive user-interface that’s easy to group up with friends and get right into the action. Hopefully they can take that same structure and apply it to a game with a much grander scope and a lot more people simultaneously logged in.  Maybe we’ll be seeing Bungie’s version of PlanetSide? Except, you know, better. Or, maybe Bungie’s next game will having nothing to do with the first-person shooter genre.

However, what we won’t be seeing is “WoW in Space,” a descriptor frequently used to label Bungie’s next game under Activision’s wing. Alridge was quick to shoot down that analogy at his GDC panel “I Shot You First: Networking the Gameplay of Halo: Reach.”

So there you have it. Bungie is making a massively multiplayer online action game. It isn’t much, but this news will tide us over for the time being. But know this, Bungie, the collective internet brain-trust hungers for more information soon. Please?

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