Over 41 Million PS3s Sold

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Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Over 41 Million PS3s Sold

During Sony’s recent panel at GDC, they whipped out a slide showing off some PlayStation related stats. Since we don’t get monthly NDP sales charts anymore, this single slide was our most recent glimpse at Sony’s home console sales.

The company has sold more than 41,000,000 PS3s. Of those 41 million units, more than 80% are connected to the internet. And those that are connected to the internet account for more than 70 million PSN user accounts. That’s a whole lot of opportunity for the PlayStation Store; which, according to Joystiq, has seen 60% growth in traffic since last year.

For perspective:

  • The Xbox 360, according to an estimate in January of this year, has sold more than 50 million consoles worldwide.
  • The Nintendo Wii, according to an estimate in December of last year, has sold more than 84 million consoles worldwide.

It’s worth noting that the 360 went on sale in the fall of 2005, while the PS3 and Wii launched in the fall of 2006. Sony, it seems, is gaining ground on Microsoft’s console. The Wii? Yeah, forget it.