Second Teaser For Year of The X-Men

Meet the new cast of 'X-Men Legacy,' including Rogue, Legion and... Frenzy?!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Second Teaser For Year of The X-Men

Following yesterday’s teaser for MMXI – The Year of The X-Men, Marvel has released an image featuring the new cast of X-Men Legacy. And judging from this picture, it looks like the spotlight will expand from just Rogue to feature her on a team that includes Magneto, Gambit, Professor X, Legion and Frenzy.

It also has a caption that reads "We will not let our pasts define our futures." Which is appropriate, since most of the characters shown here have been villains in the past. Rogue is notably the X-Men’s greatest success story for reforming a former foe, while Magneto was once their most powerful adversary. Gambit has had a shady past with the Marauders and as a Horseman of Apocalypse. Even Professor X was briefly a villain during the Onslaught storyline.

But it’s the other two team members whose presence is surprising. Legion is Professor X’s son, who is to put it mildly… very crazy. He’s got multiple personalities and each one has a different superpower. He’s gone up against the X-Men and the New Mutants numerous times due to his mental instability and this may be his first stint as a main character.

Frenzy is an even bigger departure than Legion. She’s never been an ally of the X-Men and she’s actually tried to kill both Magneto and Professor X, so it’s hard to picture her finally buying into the ideals of the X-Men. She was also one of the few Acolytes that didn’t want to dissolve and join the X-Men in San Francisco.

It’s an interesting lineup to be sure. And Mike Carey is staying with the book, with Rafa Sanoval coming on board as the artist in May on X-Men Legacy # 248. Carey has been writing the book since 2006 and he does tend to prefer an eclectic cast.

However, when I look at these characters I wonder: "is this the new Brotherhood?"

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