Yes, a ‘Soapdish’ Remake is Actually Happening

We don't know why, but the 1991 soap opera comedy 'Soapdish' remake has a screenwriter now.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Yes, a 'Soapdish' Remake is Actually Happening

Last year the world stood baffled as Paramount announced it would remake Michael Hoffman’s 1991 comedy Soapdish. It’s not like Soapdish, though actually a pretty funny movie, has the legions of fans or even the name recognition to make a remake seem like a hot property. Frankly, the announcement – coupled with the news that Rob Reiner would be producing – seemed like a joke. I guess Paramount thinks that it’s a pretty funny joke: they’ve hired Emmy award-winning actor and Robot Chicken writer Ben Schwartz to pen the screenplay. Hollywood Reporter had the increasingly perplexing story.

Speaking of perplexing stories, Soapdish‘s elaborate behind the scenes satire of daytime soap operas seems out of place these days, when soap operas are getting cancelled faster than that one blind date after you found Valtrex in her medicine cabinet. Hopefully Ben Schwartz – who won an Emmy for writing that pretty funny opening musical number back when Hugh Jackman hosted the Academy Awards – will incorporate the current state of lamented soap opera industry into the remake, while leaving in all the secret babies and sex change operations that made it so entertaining, if forgettably so, in the first place. No cast or directorial talent has been announced yet.

CraveOnline will return with more Soapdish news – if indeed this really goes any further – as it pauses dramatically before the next commercial break.