‘Dead Island’ Videogame Trailer Ignites Movie Buzz

The viral internet sensation 'Dead Island' already has a movie in the works. Man, let's hope the game is actually GOOD...

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

'Dead Island' Videogame Trailer Ignites Movie Buzz

The unexpectedly powerful trailer for the upcoming videogame Dead Island is all over the internet lately, and with good cause: Tech Island’s upcoming release of the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Microsoft Windows has an extremely evocative first look, combining striking imagery, emotional resonance and a unique storytelling structure that has captured the imaginations of many, before they’ve even seen a single frame of actual gameplay. It seems the cinematic potential of the game has not been lost on Hollywood, since Sean Daniel, producer of The Mummy franchise, has already snatched up the rights along with Jason Brown, Richard Leibowitz and Dmitri Johnson. Deadline had the scoop… of brains.

Speaking of brains, we’re not entirely sure this is a good idea. Oh sure, the trailer is as beautiful as they come: we haven’t seen a movie trailer evoke this kind of response in we can’t remember how long – especially for a new intellectual property – and videogame trailers haven’t made this much of an impact since the ‘Mad World’ trailer for the original Gears of War five years ago. Bear in mind that that game franchise also got snatched up for feature film development right away, but has yet to come to fruition. Dead Island doesn’t come from the most lauded of videogame developers – Techland’s best-known franchise Call of Juarez isn’t exactly a household name – and for all we know the actual game itself could have problems living up to the considerable hype that’s been generated.

It’s still early in the development phase, so no talent has yet been attached. CraveOnline will keep you posted with more Dead Island news as it docks.