CSI 11.15 ‘Targets of Obsessions’

Justin Bieber goes 'UnaBomber' on Detective Stokes!

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

CSI 11.15 'Targets of Obsessions'

Episode Title: "Targets of Obsession"

Writers: David Weddle and Bradley Thompson

Director: Alec Smight


Langston (Laurence Fishburne) appears at the trial of serial killer, Nate Haskell (Bill Irwin). The two share history as Haskell stabbed Langston, causing him to lose a kidney. During the proceedings, Haskell announces the he would like to represent himself. He then questions an expert witness about the "warrior gene" he possesses, which may explain his unrepentant, violent behavior.

As Nick (George Eads) heads home, he receives a call from Jason McCann (Justin Bieber), the teenager whose brother was shot down by the CSI team. He warns Nick of a bomb planted on the premises. Nick calls in the bomb squad.

After he’s taken in for questioning, Nick, Catherine (Marg Helgenberger), Kip (Josh Dallas) and Det. Vartann (Alex Carter) find Jason’s guardian, Dr. Huxbee (Jude Ciccolella) dead and the warehouse they’re in rigged with a bomb. After Vartann falls victim to a bullet trap set in the warehouse, Kip attempts to diffuse the bomb but it starts up again and explodes.  

At the courthouse, Langston reveals on the stand that he too, possess the "warrior gene" and thus Haskell has no excuse for his actions. He’s convicted of murder and taken into custody, but not before exchanging a knowing glance with one of his girlfriends.

After help arrives, the team determines that Jason and a man named Timothy Johnson (Falk Hentschel) are responsible for the bomb, an obvious plot to exact revenge for Jason’s brother’s death. Nick calls Jason’s cellphone and has the signal traced. The team sets a roadblock for Jason and Timothy. Jason refuses to get out of the van but Timothy gives up. Finally, Jason agrees to surrender, then pulls a gun and is shot down immediately.

Langston talks with Haskell, now in custody. Moments later, when he goes to his car, he sees Haskell’s girlfriends gathered around suspiciously. He then runs back to Haskell’s cell only to find another inmate in his place. Meanwhile, Haskell is freed from an inmate transport van by one of the women, who then shoots another one of the killer’s girlfriends before leaving with him in a car.


Of course, Justin Bieber was the big draw in "Targets of Obsession," and while it was fun to watch him get shot down in a hail of gunfire by the CSI team, it was the return of Bill Irwin as Nate Haskell, who stole the show. At first, Haskell might just seem like another poor man’s Hannibal Lecter but he’s engaging to watch and his exchanges with Langston are some of the better scenes in the hour.

As for Bieber, his scenes were so short, it’s hard to say much about his acting ability. In the role of a screwed up teenager looking to avenge the death of his brother, I suppose the Biebs was fine, although I wish they would have at least done something different with his hair. Bieber is such a pervasive pop culture force, it’s hard to get past the fact that you’re watching Justin Bieber on "CSI."

The bomb plot was a nice diversion from the usual blood and guts we’re subjected to week after week on this show. Once in a while, it’s nice to learn about other methods of mayhem, like explosives. And of course, Justin Bieber’s fans probably don’t want to look at the stuff anyway or rather, their parents won’t let them

Nick’s turn in the spotlight was also enjoyable. He’s great when he’s angry and we got to see a little flash of that, directed right at the Biebs. And while he did seem remorseful when Bieber went down at the end of the hour, you just know George Eads was thinking, "wow, I just shot the Biebs!"

Crave Online Rating: 8.5 out of 10.