Olivia Munn loves CraveOnline

The former AOTS host, talks about her role on NBC's 'Perfect Couples'.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Olivia Munn loves CraveOnline

The first time Olivia Munn came to the Television Critics Association press tour for Attack of the Show, I was the only one who chased her for an interview after her panel. Now it’s hard to even jump in with questions when she’s swarmed by reporters. She remembered me though so we still managed to reconnect over Perfect Couples, her new NBC comedy.


Olivia Munn: Who do you write for? 

Crave Online: Crave Online. 

Olivia Munn: Oh, Crave. I love Crave Online. 


Crave Online: Are you surprised you were asked to play the more lovey dovey couple instead of the wild one? 

Olivia Munn: Yeah, actually. When they asked me, because they wrote the role with me in mind, because Tina Fey and Robert Carlock had recommended me. Then they started watching my stuff and started writing it. When I had breakfast with them, they told me this was the one, I was like, “Really?” I love it because it’s so different. I’m not like that at all. She loves weddings and love eternal. I’m just I don’t know what I believe in. If somebody proposed to me, I’d most likely throw up all over them.


Crave Online: What funny storylines are coming up? 

Olivia Munn: Rex is a luxury car salesman and Leigh is a stay at home wife, but she always teams up with him to help sell cars. So they have this ongoing thing where he’s always trying to sell his friends on Aston Martins and Ferraris, really high end vehicles and he’s always closing the deal. Leigh is always on the side pushing him along and helping that. I love that storyline. It’s always with a team, it’s always about the unit.


Crave Online: Is Leigh going to have a mixed background like you? 

Olivia Munn: She is. I’m Chinese but we play her as Vietnamese. My mom’s very happy.


Crave Online: You’ve accomplished so much since we last spoke. Did everything go according to plan? 

Olivia Munn: There was no plan. I think that’s the thing is that sometimes when you see people who stick to the plan so strictly, what you find is that the world is ever changing. Comedy is changing. You have a plan, it’s going to go out the window. So I don’t spend extra energy writing a plan because I don’t know what tomorrow’s going to bring. I just say if I could go back to the eight-year-old me who was going into new schools and people were being mean to her and I wasn’t allowed to sit next to people in the cafeteria because I was the new girl, I would like to just go back and tell her, “It’s all going to work out. Don’t worry.”


Crave Online: Would the eight-year-old you have believed you? 

Olivia Munn: Yeah, because the eight-year-old me, when I was growing up I moved around a lot and people aren’t the nicest. I grew up in a family where there was a lot of chaos and fighting. Sometimes you just want someone to tell you it’s okay and sometimes as a kid, that’s all you really want. Even as an adult, sometimes I just want someone to say, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.” I’ve really yet to have that so you learn to take care of yourself and do it, but the eight-year-old me was definitely waiting for someone to say it.


Crave Online: What is the last game you played all the way through to completion? 

Olivia Munn: COD4 a while ago. I have Assassin’s Creed 2 but I don’t know when I’m going to be able to play it. I thought I was going to play it over Christmas and then I didn’t. Oh, but I’m going to have a Wii sent to my Daily Show dressing room and I heard the new Michael Jackson Wii dance game is amazing. So I think that’s an easy one for me to play.


Crave Online: You like to dance, don’t you? 

Olivia Munn: I consider myself a dancer, yes.


Crave Online: And it’s in the show. 

Olivia Munn: I know Hayes and I did a little Pulp Fiction dance. That was fun. We had someone literally try to teach us and I’m not trained so it was very funny to watch a guy try to teach me, like, “Talk to me like I’m eight. I don’t know what these fakeout things are. Don’t do that.” Yeah, they incorporated it.


Crave Online: Did you see the bendable iPhones at CES? 

Olivia Munn: I haven’t seen anything but somebody sent me a link about something, but I did Letterman last night, jumped into a plane. I don’t know anything going on in the world. I know news stuff that’s happening but if I don’t see anything I really want to delve into, I don’t put my mind around it because I don’t have the attention span.


Crave Online: You’re so busy, what’s backed up on your DVR? 

Olivia Munn: Everything. Every Dateline, 48 Hours, Primetime, I love all those shows. To Catch a Predator, I love that stuff. Since NBC started showing 30 Rock and all those shows, I haven’t seen anything. It’s all backed up. I haven’t seen anything. Nothing.


Crave Online: How do you like Allison Haislip on AOTS? 

Olivia Munn: Oh, Allison’s amazing. She’s been on for a while and she’s just always been so lovely and sweet.