File Under Obvious: Chris Evans Is In The Cap Game

Sega announces something we already took for common knowledge.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

File Under Obvious: Chris Evans Is In The Cap Game

Sega has formally announced that Chris Evans will be lending his likeness and voice to the upcoming Captain America: Super Soldier video game. We already thought that was well known, after our astute eyes noticed the similarities to Evan’s appearance and voice when we played the game back at the New York Comic Con 2010. But oh well. Now it’s official, official.

Here’s what Sega has to say about the star lending his talents to the upcoming game:

“Signing Chris to star in Captain America: Super Soldier delivers the cinematic quality and emotional drive that fans expect,” said Gary Knight, Senior Vice President of Marketing at SEGA of Europe and SEGA of America. “Chris will help fuel the character’s mission as he battles through the enormous Hydra castle full of legendary villains in a completely original story.”

Captain America: Super Soldier is scheduled to release on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and DS in 2011, probably right alongside the feature film, Captain America: First Avenger. The game is being written by comic scribe Christos Gage and pits Cap against the forces of Hydra in a massive, fortified castle.

Here’s some new screenshot of Chris Evans in all his star-spangled glory (click each to enlarge).





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