THE EVENT 1.16 ‘You Bury Other Things Too’

Sophia goes off the deep end of villainy and President Martinez gets more paranoid before Sean and Vicky fall into a trap.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Episode Title: "You Bury Other Things Too"

Writers: Jay Beattie & Dan Dworkin
Director: Michael Waxman
Previously on "The Event":
After learning that their homeworld was threatened by a supernova, the aliens were surrounded in a church by soldiers loyal to President Elias Martinez (Blair Underwood). Hoping to bluff their way out of danger, Sophia (Laura Innes) ordered a portal opened in Washington which destroyed the Washington monument and killed several civilians. Around the same time, CIA Director Blake Sterling (Zeljko Ivanek) figured out that Simon Lee (Ian Anthony Dale) was a secret alien sleeper agent. With the President, they overheard a phone call between Simon and Sophia in which she admitted that her threat was a bluff.
Incensed, the President ordered the buses carrying the aliens to be destroyed by a helicopter. Intent on saving his mother, Thomas (Clifton Collins Jr.) ordered his bus in front of hers, taking the fatal missile strike before Sophia's bus escaped through a portal. Meanwhile, Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) blackmailed Vicky Roberts (Taylor Cole) into helping him find and take down Dempsey (Hal Holbrook). Eventually the pair tracked him down to France, where Dempsey appeared to have discovered proof of previous visits by Sophia's people.
After a violent trip through the portal, the last surviving bus with Sophia, Michael (Scott Patterson) and Leila (Sarah Roemer) among others arrives in the gated community run by Thomas' sleeper cell. Back in Washington, Simon is almost moved to tears for the tragedy he participated in before Blake "congratulates him." Hoping to flush out Sophia, Blake tells Thomas that they've already tracked her to their new location. As Simon prepares to call Sophia and warn her, a second sleeper within the White House warns him that his cover is blown and helps him escape.
Realizing that they have a second mole, the President brings back the nosy junior Senator from Alaska, Catherine Lewis (Virginia Madsen). Because Catherine was a former CDC doctor(?!), the President enlists her aid in creating a fake medical testing to screen for aliens both in the White House and in the general population, over Blake's objections. At the alien community from hell, Leila finds out that she can't leave. And Sophia is suddenly grief stricken for the son who tried to kill her more than once. She then denounces humanity for slaughtering her people and announces that she will follow Thomas' plan and bring all 2 Billion of her planet's survivors to Earth.
In France, Vicky's contact Henri (Salvator Xuereb) gives Sean and Leila intelligence on where Dempsey is staying. Vicky tries to convince Sean that they will have to kill Dempsey to be finished with him, but he refuses. He also releases Vicky from the leverage that he held over her and he tells her that she can leave. Meanwhile, Dempsey becomes impatient at the archaeological dig and breaks a vase to get at an ancient scroll inside. Later, Vicky decides to come with Sean anyway, but it ends up being a trap. Vicky is captured, but Sean escapes by using his supernatural-like ability to run away.
Back at alien acres, Simon vows loyalty to Sophia. But privately, he urges Michael and Leila to go with him and warn the humans to prevent their slaughter at Sophia's hands. Michael warns him that their people will view them as traitors, but he agrees to do it. Unfortunately, Michael only said that to fool Simon and leads him into an ambush. Sophia states that Simon is like another dead son to her and she has him led away while Leila watches in horror. In France, Sean uses his "side window" skills and knocks out Henri. He then tortures Henri into revealing where Dempsey really is by breaking both of his hands with a hammer.
At the White House, the President's wife, Christina (Lisa Vidal) voices her objections to his illegal medical testing plan… which leads the President to begin suspecting that his wife is an alien as well. In France, Dempsey orders Vicky to be killed and leaves her tied up in his local estate while his underling sets it on fire.
I can't escape my suspicion that "The Event" was wildly retooled after the 13th episode by the writers. After building up the division between Thomas and Sophia for a couple of episodes and leading towards an alien Civil War, the show has completely switched gears into a story that's changed Sophia from the voice of reason into the essentially main villain.
The President can't even really be called a hero anymore. A couple of episodes ago he had some bad gas and a nightmare or something. Now, all of a sudden the guy who wanted to release the alien refugees is ordering missile strikes on them. Some of that is understandable, after the Washington monument attack. But the President is no longer someone we can root for. I do like the idea that his wife is the second White House sleeper, which means that his kids would be part alien as well. However, it does seem like another plot twist that was tacked on as an afterthought.
As far as the real protagonist of the series, that moniker seems to have fallen on Simon… the one man/alien willing to take on both sides to prevent a tragedy. His rejection of Sophia's plan was actually perfectly in character for him. He's the hero of the show in a way that Sean has never been. If the series had followed Simon more closely from the start, the first few episodes may not have been as shaky as they were. Given the way that Leila was staring at Simon as he was led away, I'm willing to bet that she ends up helping him escape. And if the show pairs them up romantically (as I now expect them to be), then it frees up Sean almost entirely from the alien subplot.
Speaking of the midnight runner, I don't know if there are any drinking games for "The Event." But if there are, one of the rules has to be to take a drink every time Sean miraculously escapes from danger just by running away. That's happened so many times that it was unintentionally hilarious when it happened again here. The one positive thing out of this side story is that Vicky's face turn is basically complete. Taylor Cole is the actress best suited for the lead among the female performers, so her elevation is welcome. However, Vicky's inevitable romance with Sean is not.
"The Event" also has a strange habit of randomly giving people the skills they need to serve the plot. Like Sean's hacker skills that appeared out of nowhere several episodes back and now with Senator Lewis' sudden history in the CDC. That was amazingly far fetched. Plus, how many junior Senators get to join national security conspiracies after just a few weeks in office?
It's still amazing to me that there aren't any well defined villains on this series. Dempsey is supposedly the "big bad," but it's hard to take a guy seriously when he can't even get a scroll out of a vase without breaking it. There's just nothing intimidating about Dempsey. Every time I see him, he looks like he's waiting to be put down for his nap.
And do you know what the truly sad part is? "The Event" is a huge clusterf*** and it's still better than "V" ever was. 
But the last couple of episodes have at least been entertaining, so I'll keep coming back for now.
Crave Online Rating: 7 out of 10.