Coolest 2011 Concept Cars

The concept car segment is heating up with several new additions to the lineup this year. Here are some of the ones we´re looking forward to the most.

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

Nissan is set to debut its sports car  roadster concept, the Esflow (pictured above), at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show (March 3 to 13). Made out of lightweight carbon fiber, it uses the same technology as the Leaf EV with rear wheel drive, hitting 60 miles per hour in less than five seconds and goes up to 150 miles per charge. Let´s see if Nissan can match the success of the GT-R and 370Z and keep the momentum rolling after its 2011 European Car of the Year distinction.


German owned Smart is set to debut its Forspeed concept at the Geneva Motor Show. A variation of the Crossblade, the Forspeed is a sneak peek into the next generation Fortwdo design and its new five door model. Early indications point to a 41 HP electric motor reaching 40 miles per a hour in as little under 6 seconds and a top speed of 75 mph with an 85 mile range. What´s more, its batteries look to recharge real quick to full in less than an hour. Let´s see if the Forspeed concept will do more than revive the Smart brand in the US market.


The Geneva Motor Show will also present three new Toyotas, most notably its Toyota iQ (EV). Based on the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive, it comes with enough juice for a range of up to 60 miles on one charge. Its one of the first models to sport a flat lithium-ion battery pack which allows power storage underneath the car. Still being heavily tested in Europe, look out for the Toyota iQ EV to hit showrooms in 2012 via lease only.


For a true design hybrid, look no further than the Infiniti Etherea concept car which draws design cues from coupes, crossovers, and hatchbacks in an odd shaped design. Not much has been revealed, but it plans to complete in the increasingly competitive luxury vehicle segment alongside the A3 and the BMW 1 Series.