Unpleasant Horse Deemed Too Unpleasant for Apple

4th & Battery's first title gets the big rejection stamp from Apple.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


PopCap’s newly announced indy think tank studio, 4th & Battery, is already running into snags with the submission process to Apple for their odd iOS gaming experiments. Mere days after the studio was announced — along with their first game Unpleasant Horse — word has already come down that Apple has rejected their game due to “mature content.”

PopCap tweeted a response, which has since been deleted, that said, “We thought horses dying in meat grinders was wholesome family entertainment."

For the record, we agree.

4th & Battery is already appealing the rejection, asking Apple to release the title with a higher rating. But as of right now, neither PopCap nor Apple have issued an official press statement.

More on this as it comes up. 

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