5 Ways to Make Uncharted 3 the Worst Game Ever Made

Dear Naughty Dog, here's how you can bring your game back down to the level of everyone else.

Erik Norris & Joey Davidsonby Erik Norris & Joey Davidson


Naughty Dog’s resume proves they know how to make amazing video games. Honestly, they’re making everyone else look bad. That’s why we’re offering them these design suggestions (in picture form*) so they can make their upcoming Uncharted 3 about as mediocre, or outright bad as humanly possibly (the above header image is a metaphor for what we're setting out to do, see if you can decipher it). Because seriously, why exert yourself to exceed your own expectations when you can totally phone it in and free up your afternoon to go buy that jacuzzi made of diamond that you’ve always wanted? We think we’ve made our point. So Naughty Dog, these are on the house. You’re welcome. And before you even ask, yes, we’re completely serious

It's time to jump that shark!


Spend an entire level in a mall searching for Sully...


Needs more dewback (Special Edition re-release).


When a shark isn't enough… nuke that fridge!



… Put it on the Wii.


*Editor's Note – these photoshops took entirely too long for what they are. 


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