Christian Slater is “Breaking In”

We talk Heathers, Star Trek and more with Christian Slater.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Breaking In - Christian Slater

I had a real moment with Christian Slater in the press room for Breaking In. He stars as Oz, the head of a wacky security firm on the new Fox comedy. He was right on the same wavelength as me at WonderCon. He even walked the floor and got autographs from the Star Trek actors selling their wares. Breaking In premieres April 6 on Fox.


Crave Online: Do you think Oz might be what your character from Heathers would have been like if he’d grown up?

Christian Slater: I just said that over there! How weird is that? That’s so strange.


Crave Online: They asked you that too?

Christian Slater: I brought it up. We’re right on the same page, dude. I’ve never been in a situation where there’s been this kind of synchronicity. It’s phenomenal.


Crave Online: If he hadn’t blown up.

Christian Slater: That’s right. That’s what I’m kind of saying. That character, J.D., he didn’t blow up. It was all smoke and mirrors. This is the job that he most likely would be doing and the way he would be running an office. I believe it and this is the first time where I’ve been in a situation where the writers get me. There’s a feeling of kindred spirits. Certainly Adam Goldberg and I have a lot more in common than we initially even knew. It was only by sitting down and talking and discussing ideas, the fact that I was over the moon at the opportunity of getting to meet and shake the hand of the guy who played The Gorn in the Star Trek “Arena” episode. It was a big deal for me to get that signature, he charged me 20 bucks, but to get the opportunity to meet Captain Pike, these are quite honestly monumental moments for me. I can’t say it any clearer.


Crave Online: Did you pay cash?

Christian Slater: I’m starting to pay cash. My buddy wants me to start to use cash more because credit cards, you lose track of how much you’re spending. If you use your credit card, you just kind of aimlessly give the person a piece of plastic and you don’t know really what you spend. With cash, I’m starting to carry that. I shouldn’t even [say that]. I’m going to get mugged.


Crave Online: I’m glad you’re still a Trekkie. I remember when you showed up in Star Trek VI.

Christian Slater: Oh yeah, man. That’s the one.