Watch Us Play: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12

It's a lot like Happy Gilmore, only without Chubbs, Shooter McGavin or Happy Places.

Erik Norris & Joey Davidsonby Erik Norris & Joey Davidson


Welcome to another edition of Watch Us Play. This time we’re strapping on ridiculous multi-colored socks, putting on some visors to protect from the dangerous UV rays, and hitting the links for a few holes of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12. Or is it MASTERS: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12? You know what… it’s golf. We’ll leave it at that.

This episode has Joey proving to Erik that he’s the king of the fairways. But is it really saying much when a man beats on a girl? Maybe we can go to Chris Brown for his opinion on the matter…

… But we won’t.

Let’s just get to the video, shall we? Enjoy Joey and Erik playing a few holes of golf while constantly cracking jokes about Paula Creamer’s name.

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