Muppetational! Marvel Meets the Muppets

Disney owns Marvel, which means Marvel gets to have Muppets comics now to help gear up for their cinematic comeback.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker



That's how they phrased it in the press release announcing that a giant-sized Muppets comic would be coming out this July.  Since Disney now owns Marvel, should we eventually expect DISNEY • HULK and DISNEY • CAPTAIN AMERICA?  Perhaps DISNEY • PUNISHER?

Twitching about corporate naming rights aside, the Muppets are unassailably cool, and since they're due to make a return to movie theaters around November of this year with a movie written by Jason Segel of How I Met Your Mother and Forgetting Sarah Marshall fame, why not bring our beloved childhood pals out in comic book form as well?  We could always use some more all-ages books to bring kids into the funnybook fold early.

Meet The Muppets will be a giant-sized 96-page book from writer and artist Roger Landridge (Thor: The Mighty Avenger), and will feature a handful of stories, including attempts to cheer Kermit up when he misses the swamp, Scooter trying to solve the Gonzo mystery, Miss Piggy freaking out when a psychic tells her she's going to lose something green, Fozzie's disastrous attempts to revamp his stand-up act, and the whole Muppet gang trying to revive their old variety show with new "Pigs in Space" and everything you could hope for.  Nobody doesn't love the Muppets, except maybe Denis Leary, but that's his problem.

Incidentally, the notion of Fozzie trying to modernize his old Vaudevillian sort of act into some kind of hip observational kvetching-about-relationships comedy could either be hilarious or completely wrong.  Maybe instead he'll segue into Don Rickles-style insult-comedy and turn the tables on Statler and Waldorf.