What’s Happening On The Web This Week: Drew Carey Rocks!

The latest and greatest of the web, this time with a focus of Improv god, Drew Carey.

Asterios Kokkinosby Asterios Kokkinos

This week we’re celebrating the launch of Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza with a bunch of articles about Drew. Comedy channel editor Sax Carr offered me a big bonus to write my weekly column about Drew and Drew related products. But the joke’s on him – I loved Drew Carey to begin with! I would have done this for free, suckers! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Although this money is pretty awesome. Here’s five links that’ll show you why Drew Carey is so cool.

The Drew Carey Show: Time Warp vs Grove Thing Dance Off!

The Drew Carey Show embraced lavish musical numbers for no reason other than fun. It’s like Glee, but entertaining!

The Drew Carey Show: What’s Wrong With This Episode?

“What’s Wrong With This Episode?” was an annual April Fool’s day tradition on The Drew Carey Show. Reruns (like the one above) included pop-up graphics pointing out the errors – hey, maybe Fox News could do the same thing!

The Good Life: Drew Carey’s First Sitcom

Before The Drew Carey Show, Drew starred in a little-seen sitcom called The Good Life. And like all things too obscure to care about, every episode’s on Youtube!

Drew Carey Loves The Sims

Drew Carey loved The Sims so much, he shot this parody of it for his sitcom.  Also: if you threw a party cool enough in The Sims: House Party, Drew Carey would show up in a limo! Just like in real life.

Drew Carey: Friend Of The Working Man

Few people outside Hollywood know this, but during the Writer’s Guild Strike, Drew Carey bought unlimited meals for striking writers at Bob’s Big Boy. All they had to do was flash their Writer’s Guild card. A stand-up comic who’s a stand-up guy!

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