The Les Grossman Movie Is Really Happening?

Let's hope that the Tropic Thunder spin-off is even more funny and just a little less gross, man.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

2008's Three Amigos remake Tropic Thunder was one damned funny movie, thanks in large part to the talented makeup department who transformed Robert Downey Jr. into a quasi-plausible black guy (in an Oscar-nominated performance) and Tom Cruise into the bald, hairy studio executive Les Grossman. Though small, the part was an enormous – and enormously needed – boost to Cruise's popularity after the Katie Holmes… 'unpleasantness'… and proved the actor's comedic chops like no other film had before. Rumors of a Les Grossman spin-off had persisted for a while but in a recent interview with MTV, comedian Bill Hader (who himself worked with 'Grossman' for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards) revealed that writer Michael Bacall of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World fame had finished a draft of the script.

After that seemingly concrete fact, however, he started getting pretty vague. When the phrase 'blah blah blah' comes up you know you're not going to get much more out of a guy. No word on the plot, or even when it'll go into production (Cruise is pretty busy with Rock of Ages right now), but Hader insists that "It's gonna be great."

Thanks Bill. You're a big help.

Crave Online would be back with more Les Grossman news, but every time we think about it we have trouble tiptoeing past his wedding ring.