Rangers Star Josh Hamilton Headed To DL

The star outfielder is out 6-8 weeks with a fractured arm.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Much of the Texas Rangers' success in last year's postseason can be attributed to the outstanding hitting performance display of their star outfielder, Josh Hamilton.  After an impressive start of 9-2, the best in baseball at the moment, the Rangers will have to take care of business without their heavy hitter.

Hamilton fractured his humerus bone while sliding into home plate head-first on Tuesday night in a 5-4 loss at the Detroit Tigers.  The play occurred in the 1st inning of the game when Hamilton attempted to take home on a fly ball that didn't even leave the infield.

"It was just a stupid play," Hamilton said after the game. "I definitely shouldn't have done it.  I listened to my third base coach. That's a little too aggressive. The whole time I was watching the play I was listening. [He said], 'Nobody's at home, nobody's at home.' I was like, 'Dude, I don't want to do this. Something's going to happen.' But I listened to my coach. And how do you avoid a tag the best, by going in headfirst and get out of the way and get in there. That's what I did."

Hamilton is expected to stay on the disabled list for 6-8 weeks, although he should be able to pick up a bat and start working on his swing again in about a month.

Lucky for the Rangers, their schedule over the next month or so includes teams like the Kansas City Royals in two series as well as the Toronto Blue Jays and Oakland Athletics in multiple series.  Although, they do have to face the New York Yankees and Anaheim Angels in multiple series.  If they want to keep pressing on with their strong start to the season, someone else on the team will have to step up and lead the offensive charge.

Photo Courtesy of:  AP Images