Woody Harrelson Brings Play To Toronto

Autobiographical show “Bullet for Adolf” hitting the Hart House Theatre stage.

Jenn Coxby Jenn Cox

“Bullet for Adolf” will be opening at the Hart House Theatre on April 19th and is based loosely on the life of actor Woody Harrelson.

This isn’t Harrelson’s first trip to TO – calling Toronto his favourite city in the world, he was there to direct the play “This Is Our Youth” in the summers of 2003 and 2004, a work that was written by Kenneth Lonergan.

Casting for “Bullet for Adolf” was held last February.

“We debate some important issues, for example race and gender, in what we hope is a provocative and humorous piece. We’d like audiences to take this home and continue the conversation. That is what a great night of theatre encourages for me,” Harrelson told The Canadian Press. He went on to say, "If you're wanting to try a play out and not be in New York where the spotlight would be even 100 times more intense, I think it's a great place because it's a town that really knows theatre and gets into theatre and has a respect for theatre… I can't think of many other places in North America that have this level of theatre and theatre interest."

“Bullet for Adolf” focuses on eight people who are brought together in 1983 in Houston and it’s a thought-provoking tale that uses comedy as a tool to get the audience thinking. It was co-written by Harrelson’s long-time friend Frankie Hyman, whom he met in Toronto several years ago.

Previews for “Bullet for Adolf” will be April 19th however the play officially opens April 21 and runs until May 7.